The Vergennes Partnership was born in 1999 after Vergennes earned the coveted status of an official Vermont State Designated Downtown.  As one of 24 Designated Downtowns in the State, we benefit from tax credits, grants and programs that other Vermont communities are not eligible for.  As a direct result of our Downtown Designation, business owners and property developers in our downtown have been able to take advantage of over $400,000 in state tax credits to rehabilitate, upgrade and improve their properties.   Additionally, the City of Vergennes has received close to $150,000 in Downtown Transportation grants to make our streets and sidewalks more visually pleasing and accessible to residents and visitors. The tax credits have leveraged over 5 million dollars in additional private investments and the grants have resulted in over $300,000 in downtown streetscape projects.  The City of Vergennes has noticeably improved as a result of these investments.  The Vergennes Partnership must remain in existence in order for Vergennes to keep its Designated Downtown status.  With the continued success of the Vergennes Partnership and its supporters, the opportunities for our little city are endless.

Our Mission

To enhance the economic viability of Vergennes and preserve the beauty and character of its downtown.

Our Board of Directors

Marketing & Development Coordinator - Julie Basol

Recent Accomplishments of the Vergennes Partnership:

  • Installed updated equipment to provide free WiFi to visitors throughout downtown and the Otter Creek Basin

  • Secured a $37,500 grant to fund 50% of the cost for pedestrian-triggered flashing lights at five busy crosswalks, to be installed in spring 2018

  • Developed and maintain the website, which serves as a resource for residents, tourists and businesses (current and prospective)

  • Coordinated the production of a Vergennes promotional video, shown on the homepage of this site

  • Purchased and installed two picnic tables which have made their home in City Park

  • Designed new Vergennes banners which are displayed on Main Street

  • Coordinated the creation and installation of new bike racks, located in City Park and in front of City Hall

  • Assisted in recruiting an anchor business for Kennedy Bros. commercial building

  • Administer the Vergennes Green Gift Certificate program which facilitates local shopping.

  • Assist businesses in opening in, or relocating to Vergennes

  • Seek uses for vacant or underutilized properties

  • Coordinate a variety of promotions and events to draw shoppers and diners to Downtown Vergennes


Design: Capitalizes on Vergennes’ best assets; creates an inviting atmosphere that conveys a message about what Vergennes Downtown is and what it has to offer. Committee Chair:  Michelle Tisbert, 802-877-6811

Organization: Builds consensus and cooperation among groups that have an important stake in the downtown district.  Committee Chair:  Shanon Atkins (802)-877-3111

Promotion: Promotes downtown Vergennes as the center of commerce, culture and community life for residents and visitors; Committee Chair:  Bill Benton, (802) 877-2815

Economic Development: Finds new purpose for downtown’s enterprises; helps businesses expand and recruits new ones to downtown; converts unused space into productive property and sharpens the competitiveness of the business enterprises. Committee Chair:  Beverly Biello, (201) 819-6108

Ideas and Volunteers Needed

The goal of the Partnership is to help enable and guide projects born from the ideas and needs of residents and business owners in Vergennes.  We welcome input and suggestions that will help ensure that the historic downtown survives, thrives, and is recognized as one of the special places in Vermont, New England, and the nation.

We also need volunteers.  If you would like to help with just one task or one project or get more information about the Vergennes Partnership, contact us:

Vergennes Partnership, Inc.
PO Box 304
Vergennes, VT 05491